MILESTONES: • 1995 Ergo deck • 1999 New K1, K2, K4, C1, C2 – made with a revolutionary form resulting in 19 Olympic medals in Sydney 2000 and causing the ICF to change the construction rules for Sprint Boats • 2006 C1 and C2 with trapezoidal cross-section • 2008-2009 New line of sprint canoes – “Fighter” for 200 and 1000 meters • 2011 Registration of all Fighter boats


Since 1998 Plastex cooperates with the Institute of Hydrodynamics to deliver the highest quality products based on Computational Fluid Dynamic and practical tank tests. To prepare the models, Plastex is using CNC machines. After intensive research and measurements between 2007-09, we are offering a new generation of boats - “Fighter” line.

New Boats available